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Video Links!

Perfect Quilt Sleeve - Barbara Baldwin


This is the best method I have seen for makeing Quilt Sleeves.  If you want to take is one step further, you can make it a little bigger and permantly attach it to the underside of your bias! 

Perfect Binding Every Time


Go to 8:25 for the perfect ending to the bias. No one will ever know where you started/Stopped!

Big Quilt and a little machine!


Leah Day is at it again! This time she is showing how to quilt a big quilt on a small home sewing machine. 




Coming Soon!


Got a video you want to share, let us know!

Quilters Knot


One of those secrets no one wants you to know, because it is just that easy!

Web Links!

MQG Inc!

Find out what is going on with modern quilters from around the world!

 Free Motion Quilting 

The Queen of Free Motion Quilting on a home sewing machine has to be Leah Day. With over 400+ Patterens and limitless inspiration, I highly recomend that you check our her page. An example of her work can be seen on the left. This patter n ins call moon feathers. You can view the vidieo of this pattern by clicking on the Image. 

Quilters Resources

A Quilting Directory for Shops, Guild, events and more!

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