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About Us!


The Modern Quilting Guild of Bozeman Montana was founded with the idea that all forms of quilting and art should be cherished. This is a place where all ideas are welcomed and individuals can learn and grow. Whether you are a modern quilter, traditional quilter or art quilter, we will welcome you with open arms.

What is the goal of a modern quilting guild?

  • provide a positive and friendly environment for modern quilters to learn and share knowledge about the art of quilting. This will be achieved by…..

  • Promoting and supporting the creativity of all forms of art.

  • Educating the youth and adults about the art of quilting and fiber arts.

  • Creating a modern quilting network in which individuals of all skill levels can work together and share knowledge; while making long lasting friendships and memories.

  • Supporting local non-profit organizations through the love of quilting (i.e. donation, volunteering, and teaching).

The MQG of Bozeman meets every 3rd Tuesday in the month excluding summer break. 


Our meetings start at 6:30 and can sometimes go to 9 depending on the activity! These meetings are mostly live.

Some of our projects will involve you bringing your sewing machine or supplies. Instructions will always be given beforehand.

Locations may vary. This will be communicated via email and on the website.


Show and tells are always welcomed!


The first meeting is free, and registration with the guild is $25 for the year. Price has been reduced for the Virtual meeting platform.

When you join the group, you are automatically registered with MQG Inc. You can take part in all MQG activities and sponsored deals including discounts at Quilt con and MQG Sew downs! 

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