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Officers and Bio's 

There not alot going on in this section as there is only one officer, but if someone would like to take a "seat" that would be helpfull! I am also looking for a technology chair and more! 


Hello my name is Danielle and I am a quilter who dabbles in a little bit of everything. My favorite quilting styles would have to be large applique pieces and free motion quilting. My least favorite part would have to be cleaning up my craft room! When I am not quilting I like to fish, hunt and snap photographs of everything."

I started my sewing journey when I was about five years old when my Grandmother noticed that I fidgeted just a little too much. Showing her wisdom, she hand me an embroidery hoop and a needle. I was either going to learn to sew or get poked a lot! Now I think somewhere my Grandmother is laughing, because she got me addicted to sewing and caffeine. 

My Journey into Modern Quilting started when I went to college and found that my styles of quilting/budget just didn’t fit with traditional quilting. So with the help of one of my best friends we started our chapter of the Modern Quilting Guild. We wanted a place where all types of quilters and fiber artist could go and feel welcomed.

            My goals as President for this group is to help spread the word about Modern Quilting and help our group grow and thrive! I would like to see the use and access to more technology and links to modern quilters from around the world!

            OK, I am done rambling, now it is time to get back to quilting!!!!!


Betsy -Activities Chair- Vice President


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